looing for a Fast Poly boat

Looking for a really fast narrow poly boat. I get in on a cobblestone beach. Have to slide in the water. Lake ontario is very choppy and water put ins are impossible on rough days. I paddle T-bolt and surf skis on easier days. Been paddling an elaho hv which is ok but awful heavy. This is boat will just be for training and surfing. No hatches needed. Like something around 20" wide and 16 to 17 feet waterline swedeform. A rudder would be great too. Any suggestions

Valley Avocet
Try a Valley Avocet. I did a couple of weeks ago and liked it a lot. Not super fast, but good speed. If you are near Rochester, NY BayCreek Paddling Center is a Valley dealer. Also, you might want to check out the RM Aquanaut, but I have not seen or paddled one.


not many options in SINKs
Based on speed, width, swedeform, and rudder, it looks like you’re looking for a poly surfski.

For a standard sea kayak, you would be hard pressed to find one at 20" although there are plenty of nice poly kayaks in the 16-17’, 22", slightly fishform style.

Are you in

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Rochester? Sorry, off topic, I grew up there. I moved away about 9 years ago. Always nice to hear about home. I used to love to paddle in Braddocks and the ponds, Irondequit and Durand Eastman.I was always in a my friends big 'ol grumman canoe, didn't feel comfortable out on the lake, it gets pretty rough out there. We used to take a real beating when we hit the lake in my brothers Bayliner. I've heard they've been having a real algea bloom problem in the past few years up there?

Perception Carolina 16

Prijon Barracuda

Maybe I’m completely out,
of touch with what you are looking for, but if you are paddling a ski, looking for about 20 inch beam, don’t need hatches, looking for 16 to 17 feet length and are going to use it for training, why not consider an Cobra Eliminator, has speed, will allow rotation, plastic, it does a wet ride, but heck you know about that you paddle a ski.


dagger cortez

OK Sprinter
I have a poly Ocean Kayak Sprinter sit-on-top that I can push to 7mph and cruise over 6mph. It is around 17’ x 21" and resembles a surf ski. I think they have been discontinued, but you can probably find a used one. If I ever wear out the Sprinter I’ll be looking for an Eliminator.

If you find one, post it here
’Cuz I was looking for a 16+ ft’er with 20" beam but still have not found anything like that.

Closest thing in plastic is a Tempest 165 (16.5’ and 21.5" beam), which I just bought and love paddling. I don’t think it’s meant as a speed demon but it sure is sweet when the water starts to get “interesting.”