Look out for this stolen kayak....


What kind of an IDIOT…
…steals a boat that is as unique as this?

Answer: One with good taste as well as no sense of the size or vigilance of the kayaking community!!

A boat like that … punishment should be death by PWC!

If it ends up in CT, I’ll find it! (test paddle once or twice, then call you!) ;^)


The type of person with housepaint a brush and a Tallboy.

Sorry to hear…
it was stolen! What fool would do such a thing?!??!

Is there an ID/Serial number on it?

And are the identifying elements completely unique to your kayak? (I wouldn’t want to accuse the wrong person of theft, if I were to come across this boat…)

Whoever stole it, probably isn’t a kayaker. They probably sold it or are trying to sell it to some unsuspecting person. Have you checked out Ebay and other online auction sites? Just a thought…

I hope you get it back, in the condition it was in before it’s theft!

Probably a bunch of kids

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Stole the thing and hocked it somewhere for a hundred bucks to buy dope. I doubt it was even a paddler. Check the pawn shops in the surrounding area. I would be willing to bet that it will probably show up sooner or later.

I have to…
…doubt a pawn shop would be interested.

Not the sort of thing usually pawned, someone looking for drug money would not have knowledge of item sufficient not to raise suspicion, being custom it’s easy to ID if it is a stolen item, and very small chance of selling it anyway (who shops for custom wood kayaks at pawn shops?).

It would be bad business on all levels.


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maybe so, but I have a buddy who is a pawn broker and he will take just about anything if he thinks it has value, and he can make a few bucks on it.

So sorry
to hear about it. That just sucks. It’s not just the loss of the boat as a piece of property, it’s the sense of violation. If it shows up in Galveston I’ll pounce on it.

You just don’t f@ck with another man’s boat!