Look what you can get if you look with patience.


Boat is like new for 790…

Whoa………road trip. but the truck needs an oil change.

New sea-lect peddles and it’s like a 2019 Nomad.

I hate to be a cynic, but my first thought is stolen. There is no way that is so cheap unless the hull has a massive hole.

It’s always good to talk to the seller. I’ve gotten some amazing deals from folks who just want out due to health or relocation concerns. If that wasn’t on the left coast, I’d be thinking about adding it to the fleet!

@abz said:
I hate to be a cynic, but my first thought is stolen. There is no way that is so cheap unless the hull has a massive hole.

Mine was massive damage that has been repaired. Not all angles are shown, and few close-ups. In person with a bright flashlight would say for sure. So you’re not the only cynic.

Looks too narrow for my geometry. Plus with fuel expense I could buy local new.

Quite possible. The Extreme was a bit of a niche boat. Fast as heck and very capable in the right hands, but it was one of the designs where CD did not build in their typical overprotective secondary stability. Unlike most in their classic Solstice series, while stable enough this boat will not protect the user from dumb mistakes.

Well it’s certainly a pretty boat PD. I guess I’m a cynic too because the first thing I would request is pictures of the bottom of the boat.

I bought a similar Extreme in great condition for about 850. Same colour too. I bought a two year old Solstice for 1800 really like new used 4 times with a bunch of gear. I bought a great shape Libra xt 22’ tandem for 900. None stolen

Always get all the veiws you want. Get HIN number on bill of sale. Picture of boat at house you bought it from, licence plate of car.

Sometimes problem areas are difficult to see. I didn’t notice the gelcoat cracks on my most recent purchase until I waxed the hull.

Clean boat before purchasing. My Extreme was better than I thought pictures on eBay were of a dirty kayak. Buffed and waxed looked like one in photo. No clue why if your selling something you don’t at least wash it. I see some with dirt and leaves packed in the cockpit.

Dirty boats:

There have been quite a few occasions when I purchased older models of whitewater solo canoes. I’ve used water hoses at the seller’s home to spray off the boat for sale. Multiple coats of dirt, spider webs, dead bugs, wasps nests, dirt dauber’s nests, etc. All of them were actually in great condition;none of them cost over 400 dollars. All had additional gear thrown in for free.

Enclosed photos are how they looked after a good wash, rinse & one coat of 303.


The extreme on eBay has seen very little sun. Look at rigging straps, rubber rudder guide, seam on hull, deck lines, seat, combing, hatch rubber around edges of hatches. All like new. If it wasn’t in CA it wouldn’t be listed anymore even though I have exact same kayak. Kevlar in cockpit shows no signs of UV aging.

I picked up my original Mariner for $400

It’s a 1999 bought in 2000. Always stored indoors. Not a scratch on it.

I found this one yesterday. I’ve been pondering a sitting (vs kneeling) canoe since kneeling hurts. I hope someone else buys it soon, there are too many boats out there that need to be rescued and put into service.

Extreme is original owner 99 purchased in 2000. Rudder haul system is different than my 99 but easy to change for 30 bucks. Sea-lect pedal are a out 80 and it’s like new.

@TomL said:

That looks like the heavier construction. Might be close to 60 lbs.

Looks to be in excellent condition.