Lookin' for a canoe dog

asking for suggestions on a good canoe camping/backpacking dog…

-around 30-40lbs. max (one that won’t "rock the boat"too much)

-good in cold and wet

-a water lover- (I suppose this can be acquired from a pup)

  • someone I can talk politics/religion,and generally pontificate

    to…who will not grow too weary of my rocksolid opinions.

    I’m in my 50’s in Tennessee; and most of my canoecamping and backpacking is solo.

    All suggestions appreciated!

American water spaniel.


A rescue dog
Check your local pounds.

Good dogs I have seen in canoes include: German Shepherds, black labs, collies, and some nightmarish mix of mahem named Moby.


go to a shelter
walk around. If your dog is there he or she will find you. If not come back another day.

i have 2
black lab mix, rescue dogs,one mixed with a beagle i think, short and wide,loves the water and chasing rabbits,the other lab and not sure of the other breed,loves the water chasing any thing that will run,and hanging with me where ever i go,both great dogs,happy go lucky,got 2 life jackets for them NRS brings me peace of mind in the river or on the lake!

Get a calm dog, and train him.
I’m so tired of people turning untrained dogs loose in parks or in the wilderness and letting them impose their doggy selves on everyone else.

border terrier

Standard poodle.

Springer Spaniel
I had a Springer, she was very intelligent and loved the water.

canoe dog
My vote is for a jack Russell. My Jack stands on the tip of the canoe like a figurehead and balances all day. When we come to an obstruction I say Buffy, duck and she gets down. Then I tell her it is alright to go up there again and she goes back to her persch. Best dg I ever had. Except people that see us keep saying look at the dog, look at the dog, all the time.

This Week’s Dog Gone Special!
Take one nightmarish mix of mayhem fer nuthin, get the rest of 'em for free! (It’s sorta like multiple schizophrenic personalities disordered, or 2 X one-to-the-fifth, which is too many of them and you’re gonna need that fifth!)

But, he’s OK in the boat. Gathers a healthy chunk of firewood, too, if ya can take the bark-to-bark monologues.

“Nightmarish mix of mayhem.” Love it, Chuck!

Odd choice maybe but I recommend
rescuing a small pit bull. They are loyal and loveable, smart, easy to train. They love exercise and will appreciate you more than your wife and kids.

I have a nine plus year old pit that’s been my hiking partner for six years, many in the White Mountains. This year, he will be trying out the canoe that I purchased so that he can join me on the water.

Canoe Dog
We had a Cardigan Corgi who loved the water and was very smart. He was also great at finding the best way while bush wacking. At 39 lbs he did not cause any problems in a loaded canoe. You should also research the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. It is like a 35lb Golden Retreiver. Even if they get away from you the smaller dogs will not terrify others on the portage. My daughter got knocked over by a 70lb Lab and the idiot owner thought it was cute.

I agree with g2d
I love dogs.

I had several great hunting mutts growing up.I would love another one.Most of the times I also love your dog.But in the great out of doors you cant always control where the land mines are placed.This is the problem I mostly have with dogs,or with dog owners.

Secondly where does he go if you cant take him along,The kennel?Thats like dropping your Mom off at the nursing home and saying I will be back to pick you up when I’m done haveing fun.

I wouldn’t choose a dog smarter
than I am.

Boykin Spaniel.

I immediately thought of Boykins, great waterdogs, manageable size. I have a chessie who is a great canoe dog, but he’s a bit on the large side (around 75 pounds). Also agree that training is key. I started putting my pup in the canoe in the backyard within a couple of days of bringing him home, just to get him used to it.

Bury it in a cat hole…
same procedure for backwoods hiking. If you don’t have control of a dog, it doesn’t belong out among people unless leashed.

Odd Choice

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My friend adopted a lab/Pit mix and I have to say that dog is terrific. Low maintainance to as the dog only requires one good walk a day and is very well mannered. We took the dog hiking one morning in the Daks and after 5 miles she had enough and slept the rest of day.

Except for the weight
You could probably find a good canoe dog in your local gin mill.

Are you looking for a blond or red head?