lookin for a paddle

I am new to kayaking and just bought a feel free nomad. I am now looking for a paddle, but dont want to spend $100. There are some on ebay for around $50, but I’m not sure whether the bargain is worth the product. I intend to use the kayak for fishing and a little recreational paddling, so i figure i dont need anything top of the line. Any thoughts on paddle features such as aluminum vs. carbon shafts and curved vs. straight blades? or any suggestions on a cheap but quality paddle? thanks for any help.

paddle and pfd
Paddle and PFD are 2 places it is suggested not to go cheap on.

Inexpensive paddles can have decent design, so can be decently efficient in how they move water. But on major area a more expensive paddle can be better is in weight. The paddle will be held up in the air the entire time you are paddling, so a lighter paddle will tire you less. I used a $50 for a long time, until I finally upgraded to a $250 paddle. I don’t even want to carry that $50 paddle as my spare, as I fear actually having to use it again.

PFD you spend the money on to make sure you get something comfortable so you will actually wear it. Just carrying one in the boat (as required by coast guard rules) won’t help you when you fall over unexpectedly (which is how they always happen). best to get one that is so comfortable you don’t even notice it is on.

You can get a good paddle for less
than $100;I doubt 50.

Look at Aquabound. Glass shft and nylon blades is fairly light and well made.

OTOH, a friend found a used carbon fiber paddle in new condition for $50.

Get a Bending Branches paddle, It’s
worth the money because they just don’t break.

bending branches?
thanks. any thoughts on bending branches? I have found a bending branches whisper dream paddle for only $59. includes drip rings, right hand/ left hand angles. aluminum shaft and a polypropolene glass reinforced blade.

I bought one of those and did not
like it.Really good for propelling a boat, but not good for bracing. I gave it away.The 2 other people who bought them with me have gotten rid of theirs.They are also heavy and the black pads stain your hands.

They are cheap and a place to start.

At the very low end
I like Cannon paddles the best for cheap touring paddles.

Here is one

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You get what you pay for but this is an option.


There are other options from this company also and many are on sale.

$20 and an Afternoon’s Work…
…can give you one of these - simple, light, cheap and effective…


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