Looking at a specific tent

Any one have a Eureka Copper Canyon tent ?

Are you happy with it ?

Jack L

I have no experience with the Copper Canyon, but generally Eureka makes decent tents that are a good value. There are much better tents, but Eureka generally gives you pretty good bang for the buck.

I worked for many years for an outfitter who stocked Eureka (and sold hundreds of tents a year) and my outdoor club had some Eureka tents in the rental gear for decades. They do make a good tent for the value but the one shortfall that I saw repeatedly with warranty returns and just plain aging, was that the urethane coating on the nylon they use for the floors and flies tended to crack and separate after a while, in a way that I have never seen with other better quality brands. We’re not talking a short while, this is after a decade or so of use. I have 40 year old tents from North Face and Cannondale and a 15 year old Marmot, that all still have fully intact floor fabric despite a lot of use, so that particular glitch seems to have been solely with Eureka.

Perhaps they’ve improved the quality of the material since my experience with their products.

Thanks for the replies
We like the fact that it has straighter walls than most other tents.

Jack L