Looking at a used Pamlico 100 for wife

I found a used Pamlico 100. Looks to be in nice shape. Asking 350 for it along with a Astral PFD and a skirt.

The boats we really like are the pungos. We are only interested in flat lake water and maybe calm flat wide rivers.

Trying to pick up a couple boats on the inexpensive side, but something decent and comfortable as well.

Wife is 5’10 and slim.

Would the Pamlico be a poor choice? And is 350 a bit much for this boat used? Its yellow, and pictures look very good. Havn’t seen the boat in person yet.


The Pungo’s are kind of the Caddie/Towncar of the recreational kayak world. People who are content doing easy paddles are very happy with them. You really won’t learn skills in them but they are great for what they are.

The Pamlico is a step down and more an economy car. It is going to be very slow but very stable. If you just want to paddle an hour or so at a lake it ok.

If you are going places that rent kayaks then you are buying something that is probably close to what they are renting. Around here Pamilcos, Loons, and the fat Ocean Kayak SOT are the common rental options. Again fine if you just do an hour or two on water but you won’t go very far.

My in-laws have two LL Bean rec kayaks that are built like the Pamlico. My mother-in-law is on the thin side and really struggles in her kayak even on mellow water. Any wind and she is miserable. It take her a lot of effort to keep the kayak moving.

Also if you are in anything longer than a 10 footer you are are probably going to leave your wife behind assuming your are both in average shape. I know a few couples whose wives got smaller kayaks for the price or the longer kayaks were deemed to be too long for them – while the man, on the larger side, bought a longer kayak (Dirgoes or Pungos) to deal with his weight. They didn’t really enjoy kayaking together until the wife upgraded to a better fitting and longer kayak.

On that score -
My wife paddles a Pungo 120 (12’). She is a strong women but not a particularly strong paddler as far as technique goes. Lots of heart though. I have a 16 foot Zephyr that I paddle with a Greenland Paddle. We get along fine in these two boats on flatwater. I go a little faster with less effort but if I dial it back a bit and let her go first all is well. I have been pleasantly surprised by how fast that little Pungo is.