Looking at an older Lendal paddle


I’m considering the purchase of an older Lendal bent shaft 4 piece paddle. I was told it has the fiberglass shaft and blades. Is there anything special I should look for besides wear/cracks/dings, etc.? It is a 210cm and appears to be in very good condition. Price is $100.00. A good deal?

Nothing special other than the usual…
I have a 4-piece carbon blades and shaft of the Kinetic Touring and it has been great so far. Strong, light, and easy to assemble/disassemble.

I have not seen the fiberglass version, so make sire you are OK with the potentially bigger swing weight. While my Lendal probably is similar weight to my Werner Cypress, the latter feels lighter because the blades are lighter and it is off course 2-piece. Not a huge difference though. The Lendal blades are a bit tougher though. But the plastic bladed Nordkapp model Lendal had unreasonably heavy blades even for a plastic blade. I guess the heavier swing weight comes with the territory (two extra joins at the blades and even the current X-RANGE top end carbon feels heavy to me compared to my Cypress side by side - similar to my old Lendal in weight at the blades.

At $100 if all is in order and you need it for portability, I say it is a good deal. Check that the buttons are moving freely and the joints are snug and once tightened don’t move at all - should feel like a one-piece.

Let me know if you don’t buy it…
I am looking for a spare paddle in 210cm…

ocd_yakker I have a Lendal Nordkapp…
that needs a new home. 210 straight shaft carbon blades made in Scotland. Let me know if you want more info.

If there are no takers…
I’ll take that Nordkapp off your hands?

Lendal Paddle purchased!

I went ahead and purchased this paddle. I checked it to make sure all of the buttons turned with the key and sprung into place. The bent two piece shaft is almost weightless. It has a weave pattern in it that made me think it was fiberglass (but could it be carbon?) The blades have “CF” on them, and was told that means Carbon Fiber. The thing is solid as a rock. A bit heavier (but not bad) than my ONNO, and Swift paddles, but overall I think a very sound purchase. The fit and workmanship are top-notch. Thanks for all of the replies to my question.

The CF construction is…
a carbon reinforced synthetic (nylon I believe) blade construction. If I recall correctly the old nomenclature for the full carbon blades was CC.

The CF blades are a little heavier but are so incredibly strong they can resist most anything. I use a pair when the river grows bony in the late fall. Hardly fazes the Lendal CF but would be very hard on a fiberglass or full carbon blade.

Sorry to hear this
Older paddles actually made in Scotland are fine. Paddles made by Johnson that say made in Scotland are not fine. They used spoiled adhesive to attach the blades for the ones I purchased. I had to detach the blades, clean out the old adhesive, and reglue them. Hopefully you got one of the original paddles.

I got to check mine but I think you
Are right about the CF meaning carbon reinforced plastic blades. My Nordkapp was the CF - very strong, very heavy. I almost never used it because of this and sold it. The plastic Kinetics were much lighter though, it was the bigger size and thicker blades that made the Nordkapp so heavy. On a separate note, I used to have a Werner Desperado white water paddle of similar construction - carbon reinforced blades. I bought it used and in 3+ years of heavy white water use with constant scraping against rocks it barely changed. This is a very good construction for boney river use. It too was lighter than the Nordkapp though :wink:

No complaints on my full carbon though - it is great to travel with. This winter I used it sitting or standing on a SUP to cover s bit more distance more easily compared to the single blade paddle (which worked well for surfing upright).

Didn’t see your reply - sorry. Already picked up a 210cm two piece Shuna. Dang.