Looking at used kayaks

Hi I am new to this sport… and am looking a a couple used kayaks. I will be using it for touring / camping on rivers and streams. maybe someday on a like?

The two I am looking at are a Wilderness systems Manteo 13 ft no rudder

the other is a Perception Captiva 16ft with a rudder.

which is a better boat as only 150 seperates them and as being new to this sport it’s hard to decide…

also I am 5 10 225 lbs and want something stable!!!

please reply if you have any good info to



On moving water
the 13 footer will be more maneuverable. On flatwater the 16 will be more efficient. If the 16 has more bulkheads, it will be safer out on a big lake.

If I had to choose, I’d just get the skinnier one (probably less stable). You’ll know why soon enough.


Go with the 16 foot
I am close to your size/weight and in any 13 foot boat i’ve paddled i was pushing the upper weight limit, and while it paddled fine empty, if you do want to go camping, the extra storage space and weight limit you will be much better off