Looking be an assistant instructor for any ACA instructors that need assistance

I am an L3 assessed paddler and am a certified instructor for L2.
Here is my ACA# for anyone how wants to check my history: 67260313
I am still fairly new to the ACA and sea kayaking in general, but I would like to help run something at L2 or L3 level for another instructor. I’ve run some skill courses on my own but I would like to be an assisting instructor before doing any assessments on my own. I am a college student located in Fairfield Ct, but over my winter break I will be in Poughkeepsie, NY. If you know any instructors around that are looking for assistance let me know! I am always down for paddling in the cold. My boat is an Anas Acuta, and I am fairly available on weekends and Wednesdays. I have done most of my instruction with Dov Neimand and some instruction with Ashley Brown, so if you want a reference you can ask them.
Thanks! and happy paddles,
Eric Hawkinson


Definitely connect with @Marshall, as he is in the area and is a L4 instructor. Though not sure how much instruction goes on in areas where the water turns hard…

I have met Marshall, I believe he does pool sessions in the winter which I hope to be able to go to. Not sure if he would need assistance, I will have to ask him.
If you know of any others let me know!