Looking for 9/64 line

I need to replace a skeg line. The one that is currently on there is 9/64" and the diameter seems pretty important. It’s also important that the line is not abrasive. Can anyone tell me the name of an online source that might carry something like this?

Thank you,


mcmaster.com NM

Not THAT important , West Marine ez
is easy and has it too.

That’s a pretty hefty cable
It might be easier to find 1/8" cable. Hec, might be able to get at someplace like Home Depot, Lowes, or TSC. I’d be looking at their cables in the rope department, or possible Antenna guy lines.

9/64 = 0.1406

1/8 = 0.125

0.0156 difference

I ordered some from mcmaster.com
Thanks all for your suggestions.