looking for a 5 day trip

Sometime in the next 2 months I would like to do a 5-6 day canoe trip. Being from Wisconsin that means I need to go south to find liquid water.

Any ideas in Arkansas, Missouri, N. Georgia, North Carolina, N. Mississippi, or there abouts as to where I can have some isolation & wilderness feeling. Campsites do not need to be large as I am going solo. Thanks in advance!

Buffalo River National Park AR. Great trip, nice camping.

what about going to okefenokee? or any of the many black water rivers, like the altamaha? really beautiful, and you could finish up by going to the beach and playing in the tidal marshes and ocean.


Fontana Lake , NC.
Bordered on one side by the Great Smokey Mountains Nat’l Park. Gets cold , but doesn’t freeze.