Looking for a beater, Northeast PA

In the age of “superboats” I’m looking to buy an old school, round bottom, highly rockered kayak. Something that someone might have in the back of the gerage that you forgot you had. 12’ with no hatches, deck lines or rigging of any kind. I’ll pick it up, and pay cash with no haggling. WHY, you may ask would I desire such a craft? The reason is because I am finally able to paddle such a craft as this. Sincerely, Dennis 570 352 8806

Good luck. I’ve never seen a kayak
precisely fitting that description.

Back in the day… Perception Proline &
the old Daggers were like that. I paddled one in Dalton NY but it was only an 11 footer, I need a 12.

Like this??
for sale in your area:


13’ ok?
Just saw this on craigslist and thought of your post.


Thanks Willow, just like that in plastic

Oh Yeay! Thanks, I’ll call in the AM
and pick it up Monday night. Much appriciated. Dennis