Looking for a broken Lendal paddleshaft.

Actually just a 10-12 inch section. Using it to fashion a short single bladed paddle. I would be happy to give you a few bucks and pay the postage. Thanks.

Chuck, just started offering this …
But I am putting the grip in a ferule so it can adjust in length on the shaft …

If you had to have something ‘today’, you might consider 1"OD aluminum … probably close.

sells a short T handle already…to convert a kayak paddle into a single blade.


Best Wishes


got one
or two laying around but they are bent shaft.

YES Chuck!..That’s what we single-bladers like to read…finally beginning to see the light!


Have the T handle
But with a Toksook blade and a 191 shaft the thing is just too long. I am looking for just enough shaft to connect the T handle and blade.

about the shaft extensions?



the one extends the shaft about 8 inches and the other about 12 inches

Best Wishes


Won’t work
The blade and t handle both have ferrules. Thanks though.