Looking for a budget Inflatable for myself

I’m looking for a inflatable that I can take on the local lakes in NC. I’m located on the east coast of the US.

I’m wanting to get out on the water and hope to get a workout while I’m at it.

I decided on a inflatable for space. I hope to later be able to get a hard kayak, but an inflatable is my best option at the moment.

Budget is less then $500 for the kayak itself.

One issue I am having is that a lot of popular kayaks are out of stock. Most AE kayaks are out of stock and other popular kayaks.

Been looking at the Innova Twist.

Aquaglide noyo 90 or Chinook 90 also.

Aquaglide noyo 90 is one of th few that I could order from dicks sport, but today it’s out of stock.

What is a good place to order kayak in my location?
I feel limited on my options, but I think I could order a Innova Twist

Any advice?

Interesting review of types of inflatables here, that might be worth watching:

I was just going to link that same article and video. Really, this guy tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to pick an inflatable including a matrix with most models. Great resource!!

By the way, contact AirKayaks on line. They are specialists. NO need to buy from a big box sports store – they can ship. I have folding kayaks rather than inflatables but I have bought many things, like break down paddles and accessories, from them over the years. Very good company that offers free shipping on most stuff. They also often have coupons and factory closeouts and blems. You can call and talk to them about what you are looking for – they might even have returns or seconds not listed. I notice they have the new Kokopeli Moki, a drop stitch floor solo that looks pretty interesting. I think you should bump up your budget a bit – you are really not going to get an inflatable that will give you a satisfactory “work out” unless you get a drop-stitch one with some structural rigidity. AirKayaks has great deals on good paddles too, and you will need to invest in a decent one if you intend to paddle for fitness or distance.

Bear in mind that most inflatables are NOT suitable for coastal use so don’t count on using these in open water (based on your location I worried you were considering that). They are too susceptible to waves, winds and currents and can be impossible to get back in to shore in coastal conditions. These are primarily river and lake boats.


With your budget you also should check also the classified ads once you are informed on models. The Foldingkayaks.org forums has a “for sale” section where they sometimes appear.

You may try looking on Outdoorsly, those guys review different stuff for campers, hikers, and everything. Well, it worked for me, at least, found here a kayak trailer

I would be cautious about Outdoorsly’s reviews, and the same goes for user reviews even on this site. Many people post rave reviews of new “toys” that they have without really having any grasp of how they compare to other products or the knowledge to evaluate features and function. We see it a lot on here with people who have no experience kayaking who have bought a discount store cheap plastic boat that lacks safety features and even minimal performance characteristics rating their new plaything a “10 out of 10”. They have nothing to compare it to with nor enough experience with the item itself to really be familiar with it…

And I don’t know what Outdoorsly’s policies are on preventing manufacturer’s from posting “dummy” reviews to promote their products.

Just saying, be skeptical and check multiple sources.

There’s not a single staff member at that site who actually paddles. Its “expert” consultant is a guy who RVs, hunts, and fishes.

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Am guessing you’re associated with that site. If so, you’ve violated Pcom’s TOS.

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Well, I have no idea actually if their experts paddle or not. I just thought that reviews and the website look great. Sorry for disappointing you. And what would you recommend, then? I mean there should be someone who would like to share his real experience, and how do I know if he’s professional or not if I am an amateur

Easy to do with the site you suggested since it lists its “expert” and qualifications. It’s on the first page. Not a word about paddling.

Which trailer did you choose based on their recommendations?