Looking for a canoe

I have “heard” that there is such a thing as a canoe built for fishing. I need someone to lead me to source. I understand it has great stability, some depth and room for gear, usually two people. Is there such an animal? We fish lakes, usually some chop on the water. Thanks

Wenonah.com. They build serious
canoes for fishing which are also good for general use.

Many Choices
And many criteria.

I have fished from;

Mad River Explorer

Souris River Quetico 17

Bell Magic (solo)

Swift Shearwater (solo)

Hemlock Eagle (tandem)

So, the questions you need to answer;

Tandem or solo

Day trip or camping

Relative distance covered (speed/efficiency)

Is weight a factor?

Is $$ a factor

Do you plan a motor?

Lots of knowledgable folks here. Give some more detail and you’ll get plenty of help.



Choices are unlimited.
I fish from a Nova Craft Bob Special, an Old Town Pack (solo), a Wenonah Vagabond (solo) and I recently purchased an Old Town Penobscot 16 to use for trips and fishing and an Old Town Loon 138 (solo kayak) to fish from. As stated before Wenonah makes the Fisherman, Kingfisher and Heron to name a few. Old Town makes the Predator series.

Basically you can fish from any canoe. You just need to look at the reviews and some of the manufacturer web sites to get an idea what is available. Royalex is a good durable and quiet material that is good for a fishing canoe and not real heavy.

Be careful
I bought a canoe that’s great for fishing, but it’s heavy. It weighs a little over 100 lbs. It’s a WaterQuest 15.7. It’s wide (42") and stable. You could probably harpoon whales from it, but you sure don’t want to lift it.

I don’t fish, but there’s a message…
…board like this one on pnet devoted to fishing, and I’m sure you’g get suggestions there. Go to the bottom of this page to find it.

River Ridge Canoes
You may be thinking of these guys


Not my cup-of-tea, but to each his own. These aren’t for canoeist that fish but rather for fisherman that need a canoe.