Looking for a carbon wing paddle

But my local Wal-Mart doesn’t carry them. What gives?

Ain’t it a bitch! NM

Try Dick’s
I hear they had them there for $25.

They were a close out and came complete with a $250 rec kayak.



try Costco.

rare wings
Heck, my local paddleshop hasn’t ever carried them either… I guess a wing can’t compete with a 5 pound carlisle. Maybe the more upscale Target?

Carlise makes a heavy wing too! L

Try Buffalo
I hear Buffalo, New York invented wings. One of our local wing places has like 32 different varieties.

Carbon only comes “well-done”.


Mt. Pleasant, SC

Buffalo wings
Sounds great… I bet the more you buy, the better the deal too. Can a guy ever have enough wings?

heavy Carlisle
I’ve got one, use it frequently in the Jet, probably 7 days out of the last 14…its not bad, nearly indestructable, added weight gives more of a work out, nice adjustable ferule…but if you pick it up and then pick up an ONNO or a Barton/etc. you will then consider the Carlisle a lead weight.

I bought the Carlisle thinking I’d judge whether I liked wings or not…I do…and will someday upgrade to a lighter model, most likely the Lendle (sp?), but for now the Carlisle is fine.