Looking for a dog pack for...

My 170lb English Mastiff. Was looking at the Kelty Chuckwagonn XL, but reviews say it is more of a day pack for walking in the park.

I am looking for a hiking pack that won’t break the bank.


So far the best option is the Mountainsmith with the “Y” yoke. The “Y” yoke is recommended for keeping the weight on the front shoulders & to stop shifting.

Any other ideas from you dog lovers that may do the same? I had a “dog pack” for her before, but after one (1) weekend, it tore out. I really like the idea of her carrying her own $h!t… lol

Paddle easy,


ABO gear
…that’s what I have for my dog. If I recall I paid under $40 for it and it has lasted well.

That is one big dog - good luck finding a size that fits!

Why don’t you…
…use your skills and make them? :wink:

He, he !
Score one for you Steve

jack L

Couldn’t pass that up.

Ya know… AT TIMES, I may be an…
@$$h0le, but I do have a sense of humor. And that was funny $h!t…

I tried but my wife didn’t find the value of me using a couple of her purses & some paracord.

Paddle easy,


Figured/hoped you’d laugh…
But seriously - a little canvass and some heavy thread, some webbing and fastex buckles…I’ll bet there’s a pattern somewhere or you could make your own. Bet the cost wouldn’t be a lot - especially if you could salvage some old canvass off a yard-sale tarp or tent.

Assuming you need another project…

Do you ever paddle with that 170lb
English Mastiff in a canoe? I bet that could be a real interesting trip.

You of all people
A knife, couple of saplings, some rope, homemade travois…so much for skills.


Never thought of that…
I like… May have to give that a shot!

Paddle easy,


I don’t think Pet Supplies Plus
…will give him much trade credit on that.

DIY horse saddle bags?
Seriously. I’ll bet there’s a forum out there where somebody wanted to make saddle bags for a pony, donkey, etc. TruValue sells webbing by the foot, Walmart sells #10 cotton duck canvas…in colors, and Walmart sells cheap fleece throw blankets for padding. Maybe you could outfit it with MOLLE loops! Talk to Dryriverbed about how to rig the webbing to make a good dog harness “frame” for canine ergonomics.


Good idea! Will talk to him after…
He gets back from downstate.

paddle easy,


Have you looked at Ruffwear’s stuff?
They are expensive, but sometimes you can find sales on it.

My English Pointer has a Ruffwear pack that she wears hiking. It gives her a better workout when walking at my speed, which to her is painfully slow. As long as the weight is balanced, it appears to ride very comfortably for her. And no issues with wear & tear after a few years now.

I got mine at REI for 20% off during one of their sales.

WOW!! I hope they have good sales!!!

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$125 for a dog backpack! I am sure it might hold up, but $125 for her to carry her own food & water??? I'll just carry it for her. I don't even tip a waitress more than $20 if she brings water out to the table when she greets us... lol.

Paddle easy,


With a dog that big
I would get a bigger backpack for him and let him carry my gear also.