looking for a fast boat

anyone have experience with the clc pax 18 or 20? looks really fast. looking for something i would use just for day speed trips or races. are there better options?

i have heard very mixed things abotu those 2 boats. when i looked into this awhile ago, i was swiftly persuaded to look at the qcc 700, extreme, etc, etc.


Fast Kayaks
If you are looking for a fast boat you can build, you are right on the money, especially the 20’ Pax. Another VERY fast wooden kayak is the Guillemont Razor Billed Auk. Plans sell for $75.00 and they have an awesome website!

Cheers and Good Luck…Joe O’

Define "FAST"
If you want real racing speed, then current top of the line is West Side Boat Shop’s Thunderbolt or a racing Surf Ski like a Twogood Mako or Fenn Mako, or the new Huki S1-X.

If you want a more general purpose touring/sea kayak with good speed, check out the other thread going on about fast touring kayaks like QCC Q700, CD Extreme, etc.:


Fast Yaks
For a really fast sea kayak from a manufacturer, the Necky Looksha II is by far tyhe fastest IO’ve ever paddled yet!

275 kilometers in 24 hours!

Simple math
Looksha II is 20’x 20"

WSBS T-Bolt is 21’ x 18"

A Mako ski is 21 x 17"

Real question is what sort of racing does zzz want to do, and where? Boat recomendations are shots in the dark without the whole story.

(For the distances you did - I doubt it would be wise to go much narrower than 20"!)

anyone i’ve ever talked to who paddled the 700, the extreme and the looksha 2 thought that the looksha was by far the slowest.

Glad to hear it! :wink:

I’ve owned and paddled both extensively (still own the 700). for a long (longer than say 30-40 miles)fast trip, a mako ski could be tiresome and in the end might be too much, the Mark 1 would be a better choice. The Looksha was definitely more tippy than the QCC and for me, the looksha was slower in my personal logs. I found a big difference in initial stability between the two boats, with the 700 being more stable. In a long trip the 700 would be easier to paddle. The Mark 1 surfski I would consider being equal or slightly less stable than the looksha, but here the ski will be faster than either the 700 or the looksha II.

Agreed on Looksha 2 vs others…
it IS fun off shore when it’s hairy though…rock er + rudd er

Building ? RBA for sure…ask about RBA race or the 17" boat design too.

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Looking for fast women
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fast boat
Want fast–get a surf ski , forget the sea kayaks

Sure about that recommendation Hotstick?
Normally I might be inclined to agree with you, and zzz didn’t say it in his original post, but his profile say’s he’s in Northern Minnesota (and a river guide with a lot of WW experience). Maybe a sea kayak is appropriate? Only zzz knows for sure.

sorry, i’ve been away - more info inside
i am looking for a kayak. i’m in a couple of races a year, and would like something quicker than my clc chespq.-17. i used a friend’s strip kayak that was 18’x18". fast, unstable, fun. i don’t mind the instability, as you noted i have an extensive whitewater background. one of the races i do requires a kayak (and also to be no more than 18’ long, although that might be changing). i would probably prefer a wood kit, because i’m poor. :wink:

for protected water
For protected water the cheapest speed is a glass/nylon ICF boat. If you can balance it. You might be able to find a used Lancer, CleaverX, Orion, etc… for $500-$1000.

Here are two north American sources of them. Some of the ICF trainer boats by SRS have good stability and are still pretty fast.