Looking for a freighter

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Looking for advice on CLIPPER MacSport 18. Or reasonable alternatives.

We already paddle a 14 ft canoe lots. But now looking for a really big canoe to motor with. I know its a paddle forum and I get a lot of information about my canoeing addiction from here.

Need to find an alternative to a 16ft V aluminum utility fishing boat. Tired of renting at $100 per day. Cant tow a boat so owning standard 14ft+ fishing utilities are out.

I love the Scott 18-22 freighters but no dealer here and way out of my budget of $4000 max.

Must be cartopable.

Must comfortably fit 2 adults and 2 kids and gear ...aprox 500 lbs total....(used to 4 adults 14ft lund rental and 6 in 18 rental).

Must be seaworthy for large lakes. I am experienced with the weather conditions of the lake and know when not to dare go out....but you know crap hits sometimes.

Must allow a 3-5 hp motor safely (row backup. No way would the wife keep interest if having to paddle our whole 8-10 hour fishing/island lunch excursions.

Old Town Tripper XL

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20' footer might be woyth a looksee. MSRP - under $2000 new. Yer kin put on a side motor mount.



Stable flatback canoe 4 you.
Hi zapblam, Thoughtyou might want to take a look at these websites and see if these type canoes might fit your needs. The boat is called a Gheenoe and the original manufacturer/inventor is in fla. His website is www.gheenoe.net The other site to another manufacturer who has a little cheaper products is www.gheenoes.com I own a 13ft model from the fla. plant and absolutely love it. I can truck top it or I can trailer it on a real small trailer I have when I want to transport camping gear in it also. It is extremely stable and depending on the size you get, you can use a 5hp up to a 40hp motor. They are light and they will fly for their size. And the 13ft model is light enough I can load it on top of the truck relatively easy. The have a canoe bow with a flatback stern for the motor. Mine is light enough that I sometimes dont even use a motor and just paddle it. These canoes are well suited for rivers as well as shallow or deep water such as fla. coastline. Take a look as I think they might be just what your looking for. Good luck! Tony

seen the gheenoe at sport show
and it is 225 lbs requiring a trailer. Cannot have a boat trailer as we also pull a small tent trailer.

Kind of hooked on the Macsport 18, however the Ron White sportboats look almost perfect for what I require. Unfortunately would have to build outside.

intended use?

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Never mind, didn't read the question right.

I’m not savvy about canoes, but I did take out someone’s scanoe, and that can have a motor attached to it. I’m not sure if it would fit your needs, but take a look:


Here are ratings for the scanoe from this site:


Plus, here’s another link to a question someone had about a motor for it, that may help you with your decision if the scanoe seems at all applicable for your needs:



Grumman Sport Canoe/Boat
You need a Grumman Sport Canoe. They will hold alot of gear and very seaworthy.

Gruman Sport
will do it.

Hope you’re young and strong to cartop it.

Whatcha gonna do with the motor and gas tank?

Stick it in the trunk?

A small trailer is going to look real good real soon.


probably go MacSport 18

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Cant find grummans...one was on kijiji but gone now. I am used topping a OT Guide 147, its not that bad despite 85 lbs. 5 min of lifting is always worh 10 hours of being on the water. The Guide is awsome for just myself or occasionally with wife. Impossible to fit 2 kids in there so thats why a freighter is needed.

Trailer would mean driving a second vehicle to the lakes and thats the last thing I would ever do.

Motor and stuff will sit in the homemade cargo box at front of tent trailer.