Looking for a good kayak dealer in GA

I did some kayak shopping this past weekend, and I have deceided on which kayak best suits my needs, the Wilderness systems Pamlico 100. However the new price is $399, and I believe the reason for the higher price compared to the '04 model on this kayak is due to the fact it has an upgraded Phase 3 Lite seat. I am not looking to spend alot of $$$money$$$ because I am new to the sport. Also I live in central GA so there aren’t alot of whitewater rapids around my area. I have found this boat online for $259 without the Phase 3 seat upgrade, however it is located at a dealer in North Carolina. I was wondering if anyone might have some info about where I could find this type kayak in used condition, closer to the Atlanta area. I have looked at the dealer page on this website but the dealers listed do not have links to their online sites. Any and all help in my quest would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, cgbjdc77@yahoo.com

Sunrift Adventures in Traveler’s Rest ,
SC, about 2.5 hours east of Atlanta, often has used boats for sale at decent prices . Their phone # is 864-834-3019.

one of the best

go with the flow.on the square in roswell ga.

Paddler’s Paradise in Woodstock
I am not sure that they carry precisely what you are looking for now, but this is an excellent shop run by people who will take the time to make sure you get the boat that is right for you.

Go to the website and read their “Paddler’s Bill of Rights.”


They truly run the shop that way and I have had nothing but good experiences with my puchases there.

Good luck!