Looking for a good Place to Canoe

Hi all

I am looking for a place, within about 4 hours of Houston, that rents canoes for a over night trips. Does anyone have any suggests?

San Antonio
We have the Guadalupe but it’s a little low right now. I’d recommend an Upper section - contact Bigfoot Canoes

The San Marcos would be better right now for a two day trip. Contact TG Canoes - Duane. Great guy!

Here’s a link:


If you get to SA let me know. Good luck. Dwayne

Don’t overlook east Texas…
There is some nice canoeing to be done on Village Creek and the Neches. It is getting pretty late in the season for camping for me, unless the mosquitos and heat don’t bother you. Google Village Creek, and it should bring up several of the outfitters in the area, they will rent canoes and run shuttle for you. Village Creek is nice, by the way.

Village Creek, Angelina, Neches Rivers
These rivers are within an hour or two of Houston.

As BryanM said, Village Creek is VERY nice with white sandbars.

Also check with the Big Thicket National Preserve for places to paddle…I like Franklin Lake,which is more slough-like than a lake, and if you’re lucky, and the water is high enough, you can paddle all the way to the Neches River. The Big Thicket National Preserve has a canoe trail and maps and directions. Do a google search as I don’t know the website, or email me for more information.

I don’t know what conditions are at the confluence of the Angelina River with the Neches River at B.A. Steinhagen Lake as Martin B. Dies State Park is still closed due to extensive damage from Hurricane Rita. I imagine you can still paddle there, but there isn’t any access put-ins at the park. There are several other put-ins and take outs that aren’t within the park, but I haven’t checked them since the hurricane, so I don’t know conditions.

I’ve paddled Armand Bayou in Clear Lake, Texas(in a downpour) and would like to go there again. That’s very close to Houston.

Willing to paddle any of these areas with other paddlers.