Looking for a kayak repair shop in MARYLAND?

Ok someone I know had a fight with a parking garage and their kayak. Extensive damage the kayak came back like new. They repair shop did kayaks only I believe. Anyone know of the place. Looking for some to install a fiberglass seam around entire hull. Related to my other seam repair thread. Thanks.

I believe you’re talking about Turning Point Boatworks (though, they are in Virginia)
It was a Sterling Progression.
if you’re on fb, here’s the post:

Yes that’s it thank
you very much. I appreciate it. The person will probably contact them today! I see their FB page now and liked it.

Joey at Turning Point Boatworks does fantastic work, but I think that he is not accepting repairs right now. I think he has an extensive backlog.

Says till June. Not my kayak a friend’s she can decide. Thanks.