looking for a kayak

my parents got me a necky manitou sport for christmas for my first kayak. but id rather get more of a light touring kayak and can take back the necky for a full refund. id mostly be using it in the dammed portion of the texas colorado we call lake ladybird here in austin. id also like to take it down a few other rivers here for extended camping trips, and maybe into the gulf if i get a chance. im completely new to kayaking but want to get something that can accommodate my skills as they grow. im average size: 5’10" 175. price range is up to 900.

there are a few im eyeballing on craigslist:

prijion touryak


im leaning towards the prijon, but am unsure how a sea kayak will fare in what im looking to do.

feelfree atlantis


kayaktrek baja


this one was already covered in another post i made.

perception spectrum sport


i couldnt find any information on a spectrum sport, only the spectrum. he said hed drop to $500.

wilderness systems tsunami 140


sorry, i know theres a lot there to look at. im pretty confused about which would be best. any help is appreciated. thanks.


tsunami 140
It is great for what you are interested in doing, plus it is a great kayak for learning and improving your skills.

Tsunami 140
I also vote for the Tsunami 140…my hubby and I both have one and would recommend them for anyone starting out, but also wanting to advance a bit.

Is there any WW on the river stretch you are talking about? If so, I’d suggest that you backtrack immediately on the idea of one boat for all purposes. For that you need some skills work and easiest to go used.

And what skills are you talking about? If it is aggressively about rolling and you are thinking long legs of camping trips, a Tempest of the correct size may do you better. I’m guessing you’d be a 170, but it may be best to call the WS folks.

Prijon tends to be blessedly heavy duty plastic. That’s good for durability or maybe bad for brittleness if it’s been stored poorly and has lots of UV damage. But you can often tell from a good photo.

no ww
most of the rivers here are pretty lazy in the stretches ill be doing. i would like to progress to some aggressive rolls, but i think thats pretty far down the road. im pretty much a complete novice. but will be doing some long camping trips. i think the tempest, unless i can find one used, is out of my price range. thanks.

telling em you’re holding out
for advanced composite instead! :slight_smile:


Trade it for a Manitou 13
and then master the kayak. This kayak is a dream.

Remember: it’s not the boat…its the motor.

Paddlin’ on


Manitou 13
I agree with georgia_kayaker. The Manitou 13 is a great kayak, the best I have for all-around utility and the kind of water we see here in Austin – yes, I’m in Austin too, and I use mine on Ladybird Lake, Lake Austin, as well as nearby rivers. If I had to choose one kayak for everything, the Manitou 13 would be it. Mastering the Manitou would be the best decision.

And then get a Jackson kayak for the white and fast stuff, like Barton Creek at high water. Then you’ll be set.