Looking for a Larger Person WW Kayak

I am looking to buy a kayak for playing in some of the local creeks and rivers. I currently have 2 rec/touring kayaks but would like to get into something to play around in. I am 6’ and go about 225 lb but am a little thicker in the hip section. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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By "play around" do you mean park & play playboating, or are you more interested in river-running?

Most manufacturers make each model in at least a couple of sizes. 6'/225 shouldn't be a problem.


A couple of comparisons:


If you were in Georgia, I would sell you
an old Corsica to get started in. I’m similar in weight, and the Corsica is one of few WW kayaks where the seat is wide enough for my wide-set hip sockets.

Don’t buy anything sight unseen. Check out the fit in whatever you buy. In the last few years, more kayaks have emerged that can carry us heavy people successfully, but seat fit always must be checked.

On two kayaks, I cut windows in the sides of the plastic seat to accomodate my hip bones. This has worked OK, without seeming to weaken the seat.

If I were shopping “new” right now, I would look at the largest size Pyranha Karnali. But there are lots of options.

WW boat for a larger purson.

I am a big guy, 6’6" 270lbs with size 13 feet. This boat has a lot of room for me.

It’s a great white water boat. I won’t part with mine…


I have a Riot Thunder 76
for sale but am a few hours away from you.

Fit and volume

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Fit and volume are absolutely essential in a ww boat. Locate boats made for your size and sit in them. If at all possible paddle them in moving water.

I had a boat in which I fit but found once in moving water the bow buried too readily. I've sat in others which were supposed to accommodate my size but were very uncomfortable.

I now have a Diesel which has lived up to all the recommendations I received prior to getting it. I also have an I3 for when I want a more responsive boat.

A number of ww paddlers turn boats very rapidly and there are new models with great frequency. The outfitting has improved over the years, but one can pick up used ww boats readily at very good prices.

For river running, don't overlook old school boats. They tend to be faster, more forgiving, easier to roll, and roomier. I'm 6' 185 and fit in a friend's Pirouette S. I briefly owned a full size Pirouette and have often thought of getting another.

Thank You
Thank you for the input I will take it all in before making a choice.

Two for you
I have a Dagger Animas that fits me well (6’3", 185# and wide hips). The Dagger RPM Max is a really big guy boat. Both are older style boats.


Also there are SOT models
like the Torrent that are worth a look. I’m 6’1" and 225# and the Torrent is a blast for river running and a little wave surfing. If you want a real playboat, look for a Jackson Super Fun or a used Super EZ (wavesport).

I have bought these boats used and typically find Torrents around $300 and the WaveSport was $350.


Liquid logic Remix 79

Dagger Animas
The Animas is an excellent large persons old school ww boat.

A friend, who is larger than you, has used his for all his ww and many pool sessions.

There seem to be quite a few around, so you can pick-up one in decent shape very reasonably. It is not a park’n’play boat, but it does most other things well.

The Remix is a great river runner
and it’s high volume, so a little creeking isn’t out of the question. It’s a pretty plush boat compared to the older style river runners.