Looking for a lightweight square stern canoe

I’m looking for a lightweight square stern canoe for fishing under 70 lb any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe

The wenonah backwater can get you under 70 lbs for a little over $3k

Not sure on pricing, but the esquif mallard is under your weight goal.

What have you looked at? I’m getting this stuff from a simple Google search

Yep, looking for something under $2,000. I did see the esquif mallard and Mallard XL. They may work. Thanks

A Grumman G-1650CS aluminum might be a good option. They are 15’7", 71lbs, 5hp rated, have two seats, come in 6 colors, and cost around $2300 new. You could probably find a used square stern aluminum for much cheaper though, and that’s probably what I would look for.

Most canoes with a square transom are beamy and not made to be light. They are made to be used with a motor. The Wenonah at 70 pounds is about as light as it will get. Consider a trailer for such a rig.