Looking for a long rudder ?

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does any one know of a over stern rudder that is longer than 16 inches?
I have a friend with a tandem, and the rudder that came with it doesn't do the job.
He bought SeaLines 16 inch tandem one and that just won't get it in rough seas.

Jack L

make one
it’s pretty easy to make a new blade. take the old one apart and copy the top end, just make the blade longer. plate aluminum is ez to come by…old traffic signs. that and a sabre saw and you’re G2G.


Exactly what I told him, and that is
what I would do, but he is a stickler for detail and wants a precise foil shape to it.

He mentioned if he couldn’t find one, he would have one fabricated.

I had to chuckle about the “old street signs”.

One by one as the boys moved out of the house, as we cleaned out their left behind belongings, I would find a sign or two hidden away in a closet.

If I had caught them at the time they swiped them I would have killed them.

Now each time I need a nice piece of quarter inch or 3/16" aluminum, I bless them. I still have a few left

Jack L

he should be satisfied with what hes got
I’m sure his tandem mate is not complaining

rudder length
I installed a Feathercraft tandem rudder on my Cobra Expedition because it was the longest rudder blade I could find.

I will measure its length the next time I am in Cocoa Beach

Pat I’m sure can make a custom rudder in whatever size is needed.


Ditto on the ONNO
Pat’s the man!

Unless you have a silly long rudder it’ll still lift out in rough water with a long kayak like a tandem, no real way around it. The drag with a rudder long enough to never lift out would be horrible.

It’s why skis went with understern rudders.

Bill H.

He is not worried about the drag
and knows that.

I wasn’t looking for pros or cons.

Just trying to find out if any stock long rudders are available longer then 16 inches.

My wife and I were in his tandem last year and thought it was a sweet boat as is, but he and his wife love rough water paddling.

Their normal paddling is in the north sea

Jack L

Seaward kayaks
Their tandem rudder is listed as 25 inches long in their spare parts section on their site… don’t know what that really means but they are really nice folks and will answer Q’s on the phone

Hand up … Ahem Jack … Can do that.
Your friend will be tickled with how nice these things are.

An overstern rudder will not have the ‘yank’ the stern around power as a similar surface area understern but a long skinny blade is great for an over stern rudder as it will hold on till the fingernails in chop and not really be a drag.


Dongetmestated on flat plates : )