Looking for a neoprene Elmer Fudd cap

That’s the best way I could sum it up in the title space.

I have a Henderson 3mm neoprene dive cap, the kind that covers the ears and has a chin strap. I like it but would like to have a built-in visor. As it is, I end up wearing a regular visor over the cap, not exactly a secure arrangement when rolling.

Paddling season has come to an abrupt halt here, so now it’s time to buy the little things, make the repairs, etc.

Make one
Your hood, one of those cheap foam visors from the craft store and some contact cement.



Order, page 2


These folks are very slow in delivery (3-4 week, don’t even bother “rush order”) but it always arrives. Good thing you won’t need it soon.


I used to have one from
Kokatat. I forget the name of the material, but it had a small visor and a chin strap. Unfortunately it got lost in some rapids and is still floating down the river somewhere in Michigan.

Check their website.


That’s perfect!
Just what I want. Thanks, sing.

Odd that that model was not shown when I checked Henderson’s website. I’ll wait to order till after Xmas–it’s not like a couple more weeks really matters now anyway. :frowning:

I Use It For Spring/Fall…

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right now, it's 5-7 mm hoods w/ integral collars.

Here's a link to another site for that hood. Never used this retailer before so I can not vouch either way:



I’m still looking . . .
for a neoporene cap that DOESN’T make me look like Elmer Fudd.