Looking for a Neoprene Gasket "Dry Top"


I am looking for a semi-dry top with neoprene gaskets. I have an NRS Stampede shortie right now and love it. It has neoprene-like gaskets and keeps me plenty dry.

I need a long sleeve version for the cooler weather. I want one similar to the Stampede (wish they made a long sleeve version).

Any thoughts???



Sierra Trading Post Dot Com
They have a bunch of dry and semi dry tops right now.

kokatat with ATP neck gasket …
VERRRRY comfortable.

I have an IR semidrytop. It is about 2 years old and up until the end of last season, really was a drytop.

Peak from Britain
Has a wide neo neck with latex wrists and the spray deck built into the top. I very much like this top.

I also have a Kokatat semi-dry top
that I’m very happy with. I would recommend getting the Gore-tex version.

Seconding Sierra Trading Post
We’ve bought much good stuff from them including a couple of great Stohlquist dry tops.


Second the IR
Their older Session tops, or whatever they are called now, wear like iron, have neoprene neck gasket and I think a tunnel to mate with a skirt. (Or pants.) The breathability is quite good.

The only caution is that even IR’s neoprene collar, which is the dryest neoprene collar I’ve encountered, is not truly dry if you are immersed for substantial time periods. It’ll be OK for a few rolls, a little sculling maybe, but if you want to be assured of dry you either have to deal with latex gaskets or stay out of the water.