Looking for a new canoe vest

I’m looking for an old style canoe vest with high flotation, something like the Extrasport Swiftwater Ranger. Anyone have one of these vests or something like it? Are they comfortable? I have to many shorty kayak vests and would like some input on good high float canoe vests.

How about a SEDA?
Piragis has them in their catalog. I’ve been considering one for myself as I’ve read good reports about their comfort and dudrability.

I use an MTI Cruiser. Regular canoe vest, not high floatation. Comfortable.


Thanks I have the MTI
got it with a boat I bought but…it is to small, a very nice vest though. Close to the Extrasport but not as long.

Can You Wait a Month or So?

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I have the Extrasport B-27 AND an old Seda and when I pick up the boat, you can try 'em both out. They're both very comfortable, the Extrasport would get the nod for any paddling where I EXPECT a swim. Here's pics of the two. This way you can TRY before you BUY. WW

Sure thing Terry
I’ll be glade to wait, did you recieve my email about Pymatuning?

I saw an old style hi-float vest in
Cascade River Runners catalog. An improved version of the old Extrasport. No flotation on the shoulders, so you can turn your head and see. I think it had a 'modern’strap and fastener instead of a tie. I’ll see if I can find the catalog and give you more specifics.