Looking for a new kayak and bike hauler

In the market for a smallish hatchback or SUV for hauling boats bikes and dogs. Considering the Hyundai Elantra Touring. Anyone use Yakima gear on this car? Also open to other suggestions. No more Subarus for me. Spent too much at the repair shop on Subies over the years.

It’s What I Bought
I’ve had my ET for two years and have no regrets. Mine came with the rails and I got Thule hardware and really long crossbars. Works great.

Honda Fit
I would love to own one. Perfect small car for a gear-hauling sports person. Excellent repair record, good gas mileage, interior holds way more than you would think.

I rented a Chevy Aveo once and loved that as well. I could fit my bike inside it with the back seat down. I would buy one except it has a terrible repair record.

You can put a kayak on top of virtually any car.

I like the Elantra Touring,

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but I went with a 2012 Focus hatchback. I've only had it a few months, but am very pleased with it so far. Very tight and precise handling. Good scoot if you wind it up.
I put my Yakima crossbars on it when needed, and it's good to go.
The rear seats fold flat for the dogs, and they seem to like it.
Haven't had the bike rack on the back yet, it's a Yakima King Joe, I think it will work just fine.
I'm turning 35 -37 mpg most of the time, and around 30.5 with two sea kayaks on top.
Just my .02,
Edit: I already owned the Q tower system, so it did not disappoint me too much that Ford does not offer roof rails on this car at this time. You may feel otherwise.