Looking for a new paddle float recommendation

I prefer the inflatable style so I can keep it in my deck bag, which I move between boats.


I keep one in all my kayaks behind the seats. I keep float bags in all 5 of my Kayaks front and rear. Then I don’t need to switch them or possibly forget them. I just pop the hatch to see they’re still inflated. I also keep a spare in my duffle paddling bag. Seattle Sports it what I use.


What bag is that¿

Gear Lab Deck Pod.

I have one. Good for winter because it does not have to be inflated, but a total PITA to store on deck and too big to go underneath in low volume boats. I found it just got in the way.

My experience was that a dual chamber inflatable provides same or more flotation than the foam one.

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Foam winter only

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Yes I can certainly understand the issue with it getting in the way, I found it very annoying on my back deck with my old boat. But with my new boat I can really only reenter with a roll in which case I am going straight to the cockpit and Ive found it being strapped to the boat to slightly help with rolling. I could see why the design of the paddle float marshall posted would be convenient now, I didn’t think about the time it takes to put away.

kind of expensive, but a great idea.
When I learned to roll (about 35 years ago), I used a paddle float in the same way this is fitted out for - the attached ‘handles’ just makes it look that much easier.
(they show both gp & euro paddles using it, so, not just for gp)

Nice idea, yes. Only advantage is the hand position for lay back practice. For the price difference, grabbing the edge of an NRS or Seattle Sports paddle float works just fine for both forward and aft finishing rolls.