Looking for a new PFD/male XL

It looks like I am going to have to bite the bullet and purchase a new PFD…mine needs repair. It will be good to gave an extra. I will need to travel some to test out different designs, and hope to gather some helfpul data before starting the search.

I am looking for a very comfortable PFD with plenty of pocket space(my new kayak has no dayhatch). I only paddle in a sea kayak. Regarding a PFD…I have no problems spending money if it will provide comfort…storage space…minimal interference in the cockpit.

What do you use/like/recommend?

Many thanks…


My Lotus Designs Lola was nice, but I just bought an Astral and its incredibly comfortable. The adjustments are easy and they work. Awesome PFD!

I use the PFD seen in the link provided below. I tried on many and this one provided the best freedom of movement and comfort. It has lots of pocket storage and can be adjusted to fit perfectly. It keeps me afloat too… Don’t forget to make sure your new PFD does it’s primary function. Test it and return it if you have any trouble. This is a near shore type PFD, not a lifejacket. Use at your own risk.


I just took a look at the Extrasport you were referring to Jack. Looks like the combo of pocketspace and comfort I am looking for.

Redmond…which Astral do you use?


Astral XXL
I bought an Astral and I like it a lot. I have several PFDs and none were comfortable.

Always rinse after use in saltwater. I was not good about doing that, and one PFD would get stiff and rub me raw.

I’ve gone through
quite a few swim vests trying to find what I wanted.

My mission was accomplished with the Lotus Strait Jacket.

Plenty of pocket space, excellent fit and adjustment, strobe attachment, tow rig loops, front zip.

Here is a link that offers them at quite a savings:


Pleasant waters.


That One Is Also Good
The Lotus Straight Jacket is also good. I tried on a friend’s and it was comfortable. That is an excellent price.

I’ve settled on an Outfit. Good pocket design for chest pockets, a nice hidden pocket under the zipper flap, Fastex buckles so the vest can be left unzipped for ventilation and not fall off.

What really impresses me about the Outfit is that the XL/XXL size has proportional-sized foam panels. Many other brands use the same foam panels for most sizes and simply extend the mesh panels at the sides.



…another big thumbs-up for Astrals.

I recently bought a AV200 and it’s totally worth the extra $$.

Astral 300T 40% off - but too small!!!

Seems I’m rarely the size that’s on sale! Last time I was I got my current vest (a 2003 ?) Lola Pro at similar discount.

If I see one of these Astral on sale I’ll pick one up. My current vest is fine and will last for years, but I like the Astral Design. My next vest will have center zip, lower profile pockets, and shoulders without adjustments at top (meaning the 300T looks close to perfect).

I’d love to find a RGSabre at…
a good price- tried one on once and it was very comfortable!



heres what I use
http://www.extrasport.com/watersports_eagle.html I like the kayak back panel so the seat back doesn’t push up the jacket. Also lots of arm room .

Good price found on RG Sabre?
check out this price…is this the one you were looking for?


Here is one at 20% off…


All they’ve got is Extra Small…
the regular one is $130-


I use the Tempo 200. A friend of mine got the Aquavest 200, but I liked the zipper instead of the pullover. I guess I’m not as flexible as I used to be!