Looking for a new Sea Kayak


I currently have a Necky Chatham 17, RM. (BUT)

I’m looking to get into a new sea kayak. Fiberglass or Carbon.

Some of the kayaks Im looking at are.

Valley Nordcapp-Valley Q-boat -P&H Bahiya and Nigel Dennis Greenlander Pro.

I have not paddled any of these kayaks

Please HELP

Interesting array
What size are you? What to you want your new boat to do differently or better than your Chatham 17?

how about a fiberglass or carbon
Chatham 17?

I have paddled all but the Bahiya and
will comment after you have answered wilsoj2’s question. Bill

Why not a decked canoe?
Have you considered a decked canoe? They are much more comfortable. Clipper Sea1, Kruger Sea Wind, Superior Expedition, Bell Rob Roy, Nova Craft Rob Roy… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKQhtGsxJ48

not enough info to help

pretty vauge question
Yes, what traits are you looking for in one of these brit boats? I also have a plastic Chatam 17 and recently upgraded. The CH17 is an excellent rough water boat and I’ve been pleased with the paddling performance. I would have been content to keep her, but she plows when loaded with gear, can’t fit much gear, but mainly she’s really heavy for a super low volume kayak. Those sexy FG brit boats were hard to find used, not much lighter, and carbon / kevlar is just too expensive. So I built a Pygmy Arctic Tern 17 over the winter. It cost me less than a grand, it’s 20 lbs lighter than the chatam, stronger than fiberglass and as light as carbon, more stability and volume, yet cruises about as fast and with no weathercocking and no need for tracking aids. I’ll probably have my chatam on craigslist soon…

Will your handle change if you buy
something else?