Looking for a NOAA chart link??

I seem to have lost a link I had to NOAA charts.

It was much like Google maps. Worldwide, zoomable to great detail, etc.

I’m not looking for “GeoGarage” or Google Earth".

Anyone know???




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...... http://www.charts.noaa.gov/Catalogs/atlantic_chartside.shtml

This is what I use , it's the Atlantic side , but you can get the other sides somewhere from the site I think . Just click the "Nautical Charts and Pubs." on left up top , then click "US Waters (NOAA)" under 'Online Veiwers" and see if that doesn't get you what you need .

You'll need to download the "Zoomfly" to work with the charts ... the site will tell you how .

backcountry navigator app
for smartphones. NOAA charts are available nationwide. Download and save to the phone for areas with no cell service.

Found it!!
Open this link: http://ct.usharbors.com/

Click on “fullscreen”

Then click on “chart opacity” then “100%”

and you have a seamless chart and you can zoom in for details.

I’m not sure if you can print from this , but it’s the best planning tool that I’ve found.


Printable charts
This site will let you print out the NOAA charts


heres one I use…
more for airports than waterways, but you can get the overall jest of what the weather is gonna be.