Looking for a paddle

Im paddling a necky zoar sport lv(13’7"), right now i have a bending branches aluminum/plastic paddle. Im looking for a budget upgrade, something lighter and of higher quality

i dont even know where to begin to look for something that would fit me. im 5’11" 190 lbs.

any advice is appreciated. thanks in advance

It’s all better…
… than what you have, from the sound of it. Look at a glass paddle at least, Werner or Swift are nice. I’ve found that lighter is better. Other than that, buy one that feels good to you. It’s every bit as important to get the right paddle as it is to get the right boat.

DIY, Why Don’t Ya…
If you’re interested, I can send you instructions form making a pefectly serviceable paddle - very simple-to-do spruce shaft/ply blades/epoxy construction, takes about a day’s work to make. The resulting paddlles are light, strong, and tough. We’ve been using them for years now, and aparet from cosmetic damage, they’ve held up just fine.

My original paddle, done when I built my first VOLKSKAYAK in 2001, weighs 950 gms; one my wife did for herself last summer is 970 gms. We allow about $20-25 Cdn for each paddle. You (or anyone else) are welcome to drop me an e-mail and I’ll send the instructions, a diagram and a few pix of ours along. N/C, of course.

entry kayak stick

– Last Updated: Apr-01-07 8:32 AM EST –

Fox,foxworx.com, has a very nice $110 wooden stick, the K-3. Available from Jones Outfitters in Lake Placid, 518.523.3468. Size to fit your hull, but consider 230cm as an all around size.

Aquaterra makes a decent paddle that is marketed at EMS and goes on sale for reasonably low prices. Plastic blades and a lightweight shaft, the blade has little flutter if any, and its swing weight is quite nice for the price point.

There has been a shift towards shorter paddles for touring - my husband at two inches taller than you is running a paddle length of 220 tops right now. In fact, there isn’t much reason to buy a 230 cm paddle new. There are some quite nice ones showing up on EBay, or at least there were as of a couple of weeks ago. Apparently the shift towards the shorter paddle length has created an incentive for dealers to sell off the 230 length ones for reduced prices.

The reason for the shift to shorter paddles has a lot to do with an efficient paddle stroke, so you may want to consider that before buying. While the 230 length would have been a normal recommendation for your size three or so years ago (that was where my husband started out), you’d find that length is less at many outfitters’ shops today.