Looking for a PFD with velcro pockets

Alas, the zipper finally broke on my trusty Stohlquist PFD with expandable chest pockets with velcro flaps-- and I’m dumbfounded to find NOTHING comparable online, all new PFDs seem to have zippered pockets, if any at all. As I often take iPhone photos from a relatively tippy surfski, I need to be able to open the pocket and extract the phone or camera quickly, with one hand… does anyone know of a PFD with simple chest pocket flaps and velcro closures? I’ve looked all over the internet but can’t find a close match…

When you find one let me know - I’ve been looking too. Need pockets for the camera.

The Astral Ringo (new male-specific version of the popular women’s Layla) and their E-Ronny both have a flap pocket on the chest. But might not be large enough for your camera.

Though it has buckle flaps rather than velcro, the Palm Hydro has double front pockets. Not difficult to add velcro to them though.


And if you don’t mind having to replace your PFD more often (not as well made) there is the Onyx fishing PFD. Half the price, half the functional life, but lots of pocket space.

The MTI Reflex had two fairly large pockets, one zippered and one hook and loop. The company merged with Mustang Survival a couple of years ago and the latter still offers the Reflex model. It looks the same, but I can’t say for sure that it is the same. You may still be able to find a new MTI somewhere around the internet. Note also that this model has a full-back (not a high back), so maybe not the best for high back kayak seats.

THANK YOU— The Palm Hydro will do the trick; why is it that the most practical gear always comes from England?! I just placed the order, couldn’t tell if it’s going to ship across the Atlantic or from Miami, where Coast Watersports appears to have a US base of operations. It will be interesting to track the shipment (to offshore Massachusetts) once I receive notification that it’s on the way.

The buckle flaps shouldn’t be a problem— and I suppose are a bit more secure than velcro. I’ll post a review once I’ve been able to “sea trial” the Hydro— thanks again for the tip!

Hope that works out. I like Palm gear – borrowed a Palm PFD from the Malton paddlers club I kayaked with in Yorkshire during my UK trip in 2017 and quite liked the fit and features of it. In fact it fit me better than any of the half dozen PFDs I currently own (mostly Astrals) and I have considered getting one myself.

Another nice Brit/Aussie/NZ PFD brand is Yak, but I have never found a US outlet for them.

I did order a Palm Bora drysuit last year (from a US vendor) – very well made and designed but a poor fit for me (their sizes run huge!) so I returned it and opted to just replace the failing gaskets on my Kokatat.