Looking for a Prowler...

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an OCV Prowler made by Blue Hole Canoes to be exact... I'm in the WNY area but am willing to travel to purchase and pickup, at least within a range of a few states... Anyone know of one in decent shape that's for sale??? I love this model canoe!!! I'm not really interested in the non-white water version, which was the OCA Prowler. I'm only interested in the OCV white water version - heavier layup with vinyl gunwales and trim, rather than the aluminum used in the OCA version.

You mean like that shown in the link

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"All of our rental canoes and Torrent sit-on-top kayaks are for sale. Some of the canoes are tandem Blue Hole OCV Prowlers. They are 16' long and made of commercial lay up Royalex plastic. The MSRP for them is $1147, and they range in price from $599 to $950 depending upon age and condition."

Yup, like that, but not those ones…

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I had already talked to River Riders - the ones they have are old used livery boats, not sure they are in the shape I'm looking for. But, otherwise, that is exactly what I'm looking for.

If all else fails, I will probably drive down there to check them out. When I talked to them on the phone they thought they still had 2 or 3 left, but I was warned they were possibly not in the greatest shape.

I'd posted this because Blue Hole had a big following down south, I was hoping to run across someone who had one but didn't use it anymore. I'd like to find one in decent shape though.

You need to hit that outfitter when they
have their big post-season sale. That’s when you’ll have the best chance to get one in decent shape.

Many wonderful things were done in those classic Blue Holes, but the same can be said of Grumman shoe keel 17’s. But if that’s what you want, good luck.

I don’t know why…
but for whatever reason the prowler has struck a bell with me. I’ve been doing some paddling in one lately and just loved it. Also, it’s a classic and that’s cool. And I like the old Blue Hole company… wish they had never went out of business…