looking for a quick dry sock

I have the Adidas boat shoe and I am looking for a good high top quick drying sock to wear with them.

Sock liners
Made out of synthetics and quite thin but warm dry very fast

Used mainly by hikers to avoid blisters and worn under hiking socks

yeah i use them wearing some now.
I thought there may be others. Thanks for responding.

If they aren’t thick enough
You could try wearing 2 on each foot

I’ve found smart wool slow to dry though I have knit some merino sox that dries fast. Not bought however

fleece sox

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Have not used them for paddling (I use Kokatat booties) but I have used the Acorn type stretch polarfleece sox with Teva and Keen type outdoor sandals for hiking marshy areas and stream crossings. These stay fluffy and relatively comfortable while wet (to maintain cushioning) and dry pretty quickly. They are available a lot of places. If you aren't picky about colors and patterns, Sierra Trading Post often has one version or another on sale and I often find them in off price stores like TJ Maxx. Though for a full range of sizes you might have to pay list price: