Looking for a Revo surfski

I saw a Revo sufski in the classified adds, however after several messages they have not returned my inquiry. Anybody have a lead on a Revo surfski for sale?

Surfski News?

Indeed, have you seen this? It is 43cm though (elite balance)

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Yes, it’s a pretty boat for sure.

If you were in Portland, OR I’d be driving to your place now…

Not mine, just saw it recently. I’d like to try a Revo though. They are about as unique as surfski designs get.

I think surfskinews allows WTB classifieds, as does Distressed Mullet. You could try posting there too.

Do you go to the Gorge? Sadly I didnt go this year but will be back in 2021!

If you are interested in the Revo, I know the seller, I can try to contact him and find out if it’s still available.

Yes, please contact the owner… if it is available let me know where it is so I can figure out shipping cost to Portland Oregon

It’s still available and possibly the R3 as well.
Check your messages