Looking for a room in Orange County, ideally with paddlers

Im starting a new job in Fountain Valley, Orange County, CA and I’m looking for a room to rent on the cheap (for OC) within about a 40 minute drive of FV. I also would really like to find a place that I could store my 20’ kayak on the unused side of the house, back yard or hang from the garage ceiling, thus why I’m asking here.

I find that paddlers are some of the best people I ever meet and maybe you, a friend, or a friend of a friend has an unused room and could use a few extra bucks.

I’d be a perfect tenant - I’m a senior level regional sales manager so will be gone 8-5 M-F, and likely not home much as I’ll be working, entertaining clients after hours, paddling in Newport Beach or exploring the city. Travel will increase as I get up to speed so there will be entire weeks I’m not there as well.
Also my primary residence will remain in Ventura county so I’ll be reliably gone all weekend. I don’t smoke, party, and am very quiet and clean. I’m a married man in my late 30’s if it matters at all. I’m open to all types and ages, from millennials to the elderly.

If this sounds remotely interesting to you or know someone who might be, please message me and I can provide more details. Then maybe I can buy you coffee or tea some evening for a no obligation meeting to see if we’d be a good fit.


If you don’t get any bites, maybe you could put the ski in a storage facility near either the rented room or the paddling venue. The problem is that, at 20’ length, you’d need to rent a space that is probably highly desired for storing cars. $$$$$

Or look for a paddling club with a boat house that rents space. We have one here that is enormous, right on the water, and only $120 a year per rack. I have never used it but might next year. I pay that much for seasonal boat ramp access.