Looking for a shuttle, Old Forge NY

Hoping the ‘Chain of lake’s’, Raquette, Forked lakes, is iced-out by April 18th. Starting the first segment of the NFCT. Looking for a cheap ‘gas money’ shuttle from someone in the area. I know there are Outfitters in the area who do this, but call me cheap, frugal,… whatever. …They charge too much. Will be arriving in Old Forge on wensday April 18th sometime in the afternoon, from R.I. Would like to leave my car in Long Lake Village that afternoon if possible, so we can head out paddling first thing in the morning.

Anyone willing to help, it would be appreciated. No gear or boats to haul, just a car shuttle. Zip-Zip there and back, approx. 43 miles one-way, approx. 86 miles round trip.

Mike B.

Ice Out Date
You may be disappointed and find that there is still ice in the Fulton Chain, Raquette Lake, etc on April 16th. Normal ice out is April 25th give or take a few days depending on the weather.

mild winter
I know that southern New England is ice free, but here in Southern Maine only the big lakes like Sebago and rivers with current are ice free. I live on a small lake near Sebago and the ice color tells me its not going away soon.

I lived in the Adirondacks for many years. I would say that the outfitters are not gouging you and are charging you for a service. That said, they ought to be willing for you to pick their brains for local ice conditions. I have seen Forked iced over in early May.

Sometimes you get what you pay for.

With our forecast, it might not stop snowing by April 16!

Have a nice trip and stay safe!