Looking for a tandem touring kayak

My wife and I are looking for a tandem touring kayak. We have currently tried the Seascape Expedition by Northwest Kayaks. We really enjoyed how much space we where able to carry. We are normally out 3-4 days at a time.

Majority of our kayaking is in Washington state.

Do you have any other recommendations?

Libra XT tandem by Current Designs 22’ x 32"

Awesome kayak :+1: super stable. Cruise usually 3.5 when out, max just under 6. She’s a decent paddler but it could go tad over 6 sprinting with two of me. To bad you’re far away one here for 800. I think it was kevlar. Mine is glass and 100 lb. Kevlar about 90 lb. I load it myself with a three foot step ladder. I’m 68 technique is the key. We have so much fun in it. Dry ride through big boat wakes.

You need one this big or close to it to not bang paddles.

Seaward Passat G3 would be another excellent tandem from all I have read. It’s 28" wide so faster than my Libra XT. Never even got to see one in person here on Long Island. Been thinking of buying one for years.

Looked at seascape specs and they look nice too.

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My wife and I are also looking at tandem kayaks. We are looking very slowly, as we are still new to this. Right now we are renting, taking a few lessons, etc. Hopefully that will help us decide what we need.

I did notice that Sea Quest has an ad on Craigslist about selling some of their used tandems. They are located on San Juan island, which is a lot closer to you than me, as I am in North Carolina.

Their website has more info. LINK

Even if you do not want to buy from them (the prices seem a little high to me) you might could test drive some of them.

If you want the more specific advice from the people here, post more information about what you want to do, what kind of budget you have, etc.

I also noticed a couple of Eddyline Whisper on Craigslist in the NW.

Roseburg $2,000

Kirkland $2,400


Good deal for sure.

That is the original color. New it’s 5500+ exactly the same kayak. Pedals are only thing changed.

Seaward made a couple of tandems that were quite well rated. They were made up in BC, so there may be some around you (for smaller companies, boats don;t often travel that far from the manufacturer).

At the lower price end and made of plastic (so rugged, but heavy!) would be the Necky Looksha-T line.

I’m a big fan of tandem kayaks for serious touring. There are many advantages in power, speed and stability that come with having 2 paddlers in one hull. Consider the weight of the boat, lifting a super heavy tandem onto a car at the end of a trip can be daunting. Typically these things are over 75lbs and often a lot more. Length is also a factor, it is not super important to have a long K2, sometimes the longer boats have more drag and seem slower. I like a relatively narrower K2 (29-30")and there are a few makers that do a good job. All of the Nimbus doubles are worthy of a long look. The original NW Kayaks Seascape 1 was a great boat as well and the Seascape .5. The Old Necky tandems are good too, I like the fiberglass Necky Amaruk which is only 18’ long (not to be confused with the plastic version). Newer designs like the Epic touring k2 and the Stellar K2 are super nice, light and well made but hard to find used. There is a Seda tandem that paddles great. The Pygmy wood tandem is a great performer too. Looking on CL here in the NW I see tandems for sale all the time. Many are old commercial guiding boats but some are clearly built for individuals and are lighter.

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