Looking for a template: Tsunami 145D

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I was recently looking through the archives and found a post by flatpick suggesting that Alder Creek had a template for placing an extra bulkhead between the day hatch and stern hatch on the WS Tsunami 145.

In fact, Alder Creek *does not* have said template. They do have a template for the bow bulkhead on a Pungo, but not the 145 (never had it, never did).

btw... I am not thumbing my nose at flatpick's statement/post, I'm just saying what I found out today. fp has always been very helpful and considerate when I had a question about my 145. =)

So does anyone know where I CAN get a template for installing an extra bulkhead between the two stern hatches on my 145 Duralite??

I might be able to make one, but as Shawn McClure at Alder Creek pointed out, it's not only different from the bulkhead behind the seat, it's also tapered, which could prove a little difficult to form.

***I would like to give huge props and thumbs-up to Shawn McClure at Alder Creek***. Shawn is a super nice guy who answered all my questions, provided me with the part numbers I needed, offered bulkhead installation tips, and gave me a great deal on the foam I needed
(at a much better price than my local outfitter).

Hopefully he's sending me a catalog with my order so I can purchase more stuff from them. =)


Try using
a fairly heavy piece of wire, like a coat hanger to form a pattern for a template. If you have access to a band saw, the taper is a simple thing to do.

is there some reason
you want a full watertight bulkhead there? if it’s just to keep stuff from sliding backward from the day hatch area, I would suggest just putting a strip of foam along the bottom to act as a stop. (I’d rather leave that area open because it gives you more flexibility in loading gear and drybags.)

Alder Creek…
I totally agree that Alder Creek is a GREAT company to do business with…if they have what I am looking for, they are always my first choice!

so it’s Shawn McClure NOT Steve. He runs the service dept @ AC and he is freakin’ lying because I left templates for both the 140 and 145 at Alder Creek when I sold the business to the new owners. For a while they were sending out cut bulkheads for about $25 or so.

Their loss for NOT doing the deed, making and selling the Tsunami B/H’s. Back in the day…

If you can wait a week or so I can send you the pattern.



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, Steve, I didn't know the history... Cut for $25, huh??? I'm paying $20 for just a block. =O
At least they're not charging me shipping for it.

If I had known your name I would have "dropped it" when I called them, but as it was I just said "someone at WS told me........." =)~
Maybe it would have made a difference.

Still, they were very helpful and friendly. That counts for something.

No bandsaw, not even a garage, and I like that idea about only using the bottom half of the bulkhead. Thanks for the idea, I'll think about it.

I had also considered making a half a vertical bulkhead on the right side with another wall running lengthwise from the half wall to the rear bulkhead. The idea was to create a small compartment right under the day-hatch, yet leave the port side of the compartment full length.


AC can be very helpful as any good paddling shop ‘should’ be!

yep it’s close to $20 worth of foam and takes about 3 minutes to trace out the pattern and whack it out on the bandsaw.

don’t get too involved building compartments, KISS!


Thanks, Steve,
I’ll take that template if you find it. =)~


P R O O F !!!

so…Shawn lied! took me 4 minutes to find these patterns @ AC!

They said your new B/H was on it’s way.


Sean, not Shawn
and it should be Mcgyver, not McClure–that guy can fashion anything out of what’s on hand!

Thanks for the pic.
That explains how the foam I ordered came with that very shape scraped on one side of it. :wink:

And here I was thinking he didn’t have a template.