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A group of my friends and myself are looking for a multi-day unguided canoe or kayak trip in the Northeast or Mid south (Tennessee; Virginia, Kentucky). Last year we did the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in ME. We are looking for something along that line with riverside camping and pretty good fishing throughout the trip does anyone have any suggestions ore know of any outfitters that could help.


Try the Big South Fork in Tenn. and KY. It’s nice trip with camp sites all along the river. Sheltowee trace outfitters can shuttle boats for you or you can rent from them. Their web site is ky-rafting.com.

Have a nice trip


Some trips I’ve done recently in ME:
Errol, NH to Rangeley, ME: from Umbagog Lake, up the Rapid River (long portage), through Upper and Lower Richardson Lakes, through Mooselookmeguntic Lake, and ending on Rangeley Lake. +/- 40 miles.

Stratton, ME to Rockwood, ME: All the way through Flagstaff Lake, down the Dead River, up Spencer and Little Spencer Stream (note, if you do not pole canoes, this stretch can be hell on water), through Spencer Lake and Fish Pond, portage to the Moose River, and follow the Moose River through Attean Pond, Big Woods Pond, Long Pond, Brassau and Little Brassau Lakes, to Moosehead Lake in Rockwood. +/- 90 miles. Can start/end in Jackman to shorten the trip.

Rockwood, ME to Checuncook Lake Village: All the way up Moosehead Lake to the NE Carry, down the West Branch Penobscot, maybe a side trip into Lobster Lake, to Chesuncook Lake. +/- 50 miles.

All of these trips have portages, most of which are pretty easy with canoe carts.


a little further South…
You didn’t say what time of year, so I’m suggesting the South, where it’s possible to paddle all year…

Try the Alabama Scenic River Trail 600+ miles from northern Georgia to the Gulf…

I’d also recommend the Tennessee River From the headwaters of the Tennessee just north of Knoxville to anywhere you can reach in the time Alotted…research the Chattanooga Blueway…

The Oswegatchie River in the Adirondacks. Start at Inlet and paddle upriver and you can go for 3 or more days to, and past High Falls.

Do the Buffalo River.Great river camping and good fishing. Can be 1 to 14 day trip. Fishing is better in lower part. Last time I was on the buffalo. It was 3 days before we saw another canoe.

a little Maine info…

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Lots of water covered by riverstrider...and there is a lot of water off in different directions as well. Your best trout fishing(ie...with more fly hatches) is not often going to be along popular, deeper-water paddling riversystems, but that isn't to say there aren't fish populations there.
If you're a bass fisherman Maine's East Branch of the Penobscot is a pretty nice stream for smallmouths. The lower West Branch is ok for landlocks and brooktrout(although I think browns would do well in the W.Br.....imho) but is more of the whitewater paddler/rafter haven. There is a ton of water to the East of I-95 too that I never fished, when I used to years ago.


A true wildernes river not one house on the 150 miles.Clear water a true hotspot for bass.One of the last free flowing rivers in North America. Goes into the Wnite River. One of the U.S. best trout fish rivers.Best brown trout river up to 40 pound rainbows 19 pounds.I love this river.