Looking for a tuiliq

I’m also currently building a SOF and have started to look around for a tuiliq to use once I’ve completed it.

Does anyone know of a good source to order one, or a good source for a pattern and fabrics?

What are the fabrice options if any besides neoprene and Gortex?

Thanks in advance,



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makes tuiliqs. Be aware that they run kind of small, or that you may want to fit immersion gear underneath if you paddle in the winter. Normally, I fit gear in the sm/med line. For the Brooks tuiliq, however, I fit the large better (and get it on with my drysuit underneath).

You can also try to get into the neoprene group buys for DIY tuliqs. These buys are periodically organized over at the Qajaq/USA site. I believe Shawn Baker and others have built their own tuiliqs. Shawn is a pretty sharing guy with advice.


Take a look at:

“Making A Chris Cunningham Tuilik

A southern hemisphere interpretation

By Pete Notman and Tony Calvert”



I’m using a large Brooks tuilik which works quite well with a wetsuit underneath (I’m a good bit taller than Sing). I guess I’ll see fairly soon how well it fits over my drysuit.


you use a large?
Geez, I use a medium. I like that it’s not so billowy. Of course when I pair it with a dry suit, I use a two piece dry suit with a shorty dry top. I think it would be rather tight fitting with a long sleeve dry top or dry suit so I guess I can understand the large.

Oh and for the original poster, QajaqUSA sells Shawn’s tuilik pattern/instructions on the website. As for neoprene, there’s a group order going on right now headed by Mark Whitaker which you should be able to jump in on. We’ve got enough people to reach the lowest price bracket (drops price from $80 to under $30/sheet). Although I own a Brooks tuilik which I absolutely love, I still plan on making a couple more for fun and for use in the pool.

You Could Be Lying!
how do I really know that you’re so much taller, eh?

Seriously, I have enough 3 mm and 2 mm to make two tuiliqs because I actually do want shorter ones. But, as with all good intention projects… the neo sits in the basement, along with enough wood for two more SOF projects.


Let’s see…
“how do I really know that you’re so much taller, eh?”

Uhh… because you’ve met me twice at NSPN Chinatown pool sessions last year. I sat next to you during dinner at the second one. :wink:

I’m 6’ 1".


you may be a wee bit taller… :slight_smile:


Reed makes a Tuilig out of 4 way stretch Aquatherm that is custom made to your specifics. www.chillcheater.com


Tuilik works just fine with my drysuit.
Air temperature was in the 40s this Saturday so I used my drysuit (a large Kokotat GFER) with the large Brooks tuilik. I rolled up the GFER outer wrist cuffs and slid the latex wrist seal up a little further on my forarms and it fit quite comfortably under the tuilik.

We virtually had Walden to ourselves. The previous week with the high winds allowed me to hit start forward/finish forward norsaq rolls and closed fist rolls. With light wind, the norsaq roll was lost (needs a lot more work) but the closed fist rolls still worked. :slight_smile:

People having trouble with a roll might want to work on them, in a safe spot, on a windy day, it really provides a huge assist.