Looking for a used P&H Cetus MV

Hello…in from Ontario and looking to buy a used P&H Cetus MV…… Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks Paul

I’m sorry but that is just funny!
But if you find two, give me a call!

TWO ???

Um…where are you?
You say you’re in from Ontario - where is “in”?

Anywhere near SE Massachusetts?

I’m …
I live in Stratford

check your email
I know where two are across the Bridge from you.

OK…SO can u tell me?

Cetus MV
There is a used carbon/ kevlar one here http://ospreyseakayak.com/shop/used-kayaks-and-sup/

They may also have another one or two that are not listed. Give them a call. It is a bit of a drive for you but…

sent u an email
via paddling.net…did u not get it?

Frank said it!
and no you can’t have mine!

I do have two new ones on hand though. Still a fair drive from ON. Nothing at Muskoka Paddle Shack?

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY


Thanks for your help

Hers a link to PaddleShack’s Inventory/Pricelist

Near the bottom of the list are a couple of P&H Cetus


I don’t see any in Ontario



Used Cetus MV on the boards now…