Looking for a used Wenonah..

Minn IV.

Anybody know of one sitting in someones garage or wanting to sell one?



You are determined to fill that
boat house, aren’t you?

Contact Mac
up in the aderondacks. He turns over his fleet regularly. You could probobly get the Plaidpaddler to bring it down here when he comes to see his daughter , or shoot up to Charlottesville Virginia and pick it up from his sister.

Piragis will have a MN4 available Oct 1 (sometimes available a few weeks before) with one season of rentals on it. Plan a fall BWCA or Quetico trip and come on up.


Mac has oner listed but it is steep for
a used one.



That is a good price
and I would get it in a heart beat, but we need it for this summer,

Many thanks,


Probably pretty scarce
If an outfit the size of Piragis only has need for a single one of these ( vs a dozen MN 3 ) then you should consider that such a boat will be hard to find new, let alone used AND up for sale .

I know, but I was just hoping that …
someone just might know someone who has an old one sitting unused, forlornly in the back of their barn someplace.



too new to be old
Jack you have been retired and counting your gold dubloons longer than Wenonah has been making the Minnesota IV. People who bought them, use them, love them, and aren’t ready to sell them yet. The outfitters do try to turn over their fleets and offer some good prices. Piragis has usually the lowest prices, but with gas so expensive today, transport from Ely MN will add a few hundred bucks to the price.

Mac’s price is not high, remember the list doesn’t include freight from the factory and the MN-IV takes two slots on the trailer.

You aren’t going to find some senile old codger with one in his barn since WWII that he will sell for a $100, even though all of us know that is your constant dream about used canoes, cars, pickups, chain saws, and whiskey.

I will be in Saranac Lake on May 17th, and could bring another MN-IV back with mine on the VUE. Since Charlie volunteered me to deliver a canoe for you to Charlottesviller or Charlotte, maybe i should suggest he takes a really long sales route and picks it up in Rochester for you.Gas up here is only in the $3.75/gal range.


Let me think on it and talk to the boss
You make some good points.

I think charlie just wants to get one out there on Lake Norman so he can fit more beer in it when he and Red Cross Randy make the run across the lake to the local beer emporium.

it is a shame the one out in Minn isn’t available right now. It would be a great excuse to do the BWCA before the school kids take it over.