Looking for adventure paddler...

…to head up/down the Cache Lk. portages of NE Quetico in May, 2005. This is a specialized trip that requires one to be in decent shape, have a backpacker (e.g. lightweight) mentality, and the desire to be on trophy fishing waters near ice-out.

~10-day trip, the route is brutal, and you will get wet, but the rewards could be amazing. Lets chat, --paw

Cache Lake portages
My old maps of the Quetico labeled these “winter portages”, so I’ve always envisioned muskeg and un-escapable bugs and routed elsewhere. Is my perception reality?


Do you do much fishing?

What distance do you anticipate traveling each day?

What do you paddle? I’d be interested to hear about the trip.

I have been in the Quetico and/or BWCA at first ice out the last 4 years. It’s a wonderful time to go. I’ve “lost” my paddling partner and didn’t think I’d go this year. I was planning a solo trip to Lake Nipigon - though I’ve solo’d a few times in BWCA - but not when water is icy.


Cache Lk. carries
Yes & Yes, to bog slogging and bugs on this route. If you go early enough, however, the bug factor can be mitigated. --paw

Quetico Adventure Paddler…
This trip is certainly not the average Quetico/Superior excursion. I am all for smelling the roses, but my hope would be to minimize the non-quality time (carry my camp), and maximizing the quality time, base-camping with daily excursions in some of Quetico’s most remote acreage. Lets chat. – pawnipi@gmail.com

Cache portage
paw, fwiw

I’ve done the Trousers to Cache portage. If you are traveling N to S, it’s not unheard of to miss the turnoff into Baptism creek. Go up the French R till you pass under the second bridge, and then start looking for Baptism creek - it is not too far past the second bridge, within a couple hundred yards or so, might be only a hundred (no problem of course, if you are traveling S to N). You will also find a “new” beaver pond splitting one of the Baptism portages into two parts-no problem, just paddle thru. In 2003, the portage to Cache was relatively dry, and I enjoyed the hike - we leapfrogged the gear. There is supposed to be a spot on the Cache to Lindsay portage where the trail disappears into a bog - the words of wisdom were “look for the flagging tape” - maybe its still there.

Not sure of what you mean by not the average trip. . . more vigorous?

I have not done a trip with base camping. I have kayaked extensively when I went with a partner. The portages are tougher but it’s nice having your own boat and we make good time. I’ve done some very long days and dealt with high winds. Some days I’d like not to repeat. When I’ve gone solo, I use a solo canoe. It’s hard to get used to the slower pace but still very nice. And the portages are much easier.

Base camping would be fine if there were enough day routes. Getting into some really remote areas would be great. While some down time is nice, I do like to paddle.

Would you tell me a little about yourself and the kind of person you’d like to paddle with?