Looking for advice on a used kayak

Did a post not to long ago about eyeing a Perception Carolina 14.0 as m first kayak. Well I’m still waiting on some stock and this used Perception Tribute 14.0 popped up and it even has a rudder, seems better and cheaper at 1200$ (About 1000$ USD). compared to 1500$ CAD + tax

Question is, how different is it from the Carolina 14.0? Is this still a good option for a first kayak? Specs seem somewhat similar. A bit narrower for sure. My other “worry” is it’s advertised as a woman kayak/small frame. I’m 5 feet 11 guy, at 220lbs. I’m also on my weight loss journey so I plan to continue loosing. I mean I’m under the weight limit of 250lbs but yeah idk.

I’m just wondering if I should pull the trigger on it. Or wait for the stock of Carolinas. Also is the price good? If I don’t like it can I potentially sell it for same? I saw a MSRP of 1200$ USD back in the day.

forget it…


I agree that it likely wouldn’t fit you.

Questions that came to mind when I saw the pic - hopefully it has the hatch covers and also a working seat. But given it isn’t your size, moot questions now.

In general, before the pandemic buying spree, used boats in working condition would go for 1/3 to 2/3 of new price. Newer and better shape boats more toward the higher price end. For other gear, like paddles and such thrown in with boat purchase, add 1/4 to 1/2 of new price.

Yeah it does have the covers and the seat is ok but yeah, I guess it won’t fit.

I’ll keep waiting for the stock, hopefully by end of month!

If you weigh 220 lbs a 250 max weight is too low for you anyway.